The Centre of Operations

Manufacturing of our fibreglass components is carried out in both Australia & Malaysia under strict supervision in factories that are fully equipped for the production of high quality fibreglass components. These factories have full facilities for the loading and packing of shipping containers. Our product is manufactured from raw materials imported into Malaysia from Australia so as to meet the high materials specification of the product.

Executive Profile

Annette Matthews (Managing Director)

Annette has been directing company activities since 1979 and is the Managing Director of AWL. She heads the marketing, sales and manufacturing of our group from our head office in Coffs Harbour. Since the inauguration of the company in 1979 she has been involved in the development of the operational systems of the company & for the variety of mouldings required for our current products.

Natalie Johnson (Accounts Manager)

Natalie takes care of the administrative duties and accounting requirements of AWL. She has over 12 years of experience in the business/finance industry. Please contact Natalie with any question or queries.

Slide Design Team

Michael Newton (Design & Operations Manager, Australia)

Michael is involved in both the design of rides and the management of project installations. He is proficient in CAD design and 3D modelling. Since 1994 he has led the team in completing projects both in Australia and Overseas. He is qualified to either assist with or undertake the complete installation of AWL’s extensive product range, along with the help of our skilled installation crew.

Slide Installation Team

We have a skilled installation crew to go on site to either assist the main contractor in the installation of our rides or to complete a full installation.