Tyre rides generally are based on our large 1322mm diameter section in (Raft Rides) either open with splash guards or full tube. Sometimes as a “Black Hole” (darkened) slide. For variety we can break the slide up by incorporating whirlpool tubs in the course of the ride. This method has proven very popular in many of our indoor waterparks in Europe. Alternatively the 1322mm tub section can run into a large 2.2metre wide CTR (Continuous Tube Ride) open section and for single or tandem inner tube rides.

Our whirlpool ride can also be incorporated into this flume which swirls the riders around into catchment tubs which are placed in appropriate positions along the length of the slide. The riders drop down the slide going from whirlpool to whirlpool until they reach the landing runout. All these features add unique variety to our tyre rides.