Holland Park Swimming Centre

Case Study

Holland Park Swimming Centre

West Wyalong, NSW Council Pool Under Lease From Bland Shire Council

Terminating into an Existing Landing Pool that also doubles for a Learn to Swim Pool.

Replacement of old for new fiberglass

Starter section was refurbished to negate hydraulics disruption to water supply

Original slide installed by AWL in late 80’s

Holland Park Swimming Centre - 2 - Australian Waterslides
Holland Park Swimming Centre - 3 - Australian Waterslides

Case Study

Replacement of Old For New Fibreglass

Case Study

Photo shows slide before replacement of fibreglass Original slide installed by AWL in late 80’s

Case Study

Holland Park, West Wyalong - Footprint 19m x 16m

Name Of Facility: Holland Park Swimming Pool Installation

Location: West Wyalong, NSW

Completion Date: Completed On Time and within budget Aug – Oct 2018

General Description: 1 x Slide Complex off a tower height of approx. 7m alternating 2 x colours. 

Target Age Group: Caters for the whole family
1 x combination ride using 1200mm enclosed tube and 1100mm open reverse-banked body ride to create a different ride experience.

This Location Did Not Require Cyclone Rated Design

Was This Design And Construct: Yes – AWL’s scope was design and supply and install a like-for-like waterslide, onto existing steel structure and footing s – hydraulics were maintained at the starter section by the insitu refurbishment of the existing start section.

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