Lake Talbot Swimming Pool, Narrandera

Australia Lake Talbot Swimming Pool, Narrandera This projects was a design and construct contract. It included 2 x mirror-reversed speed waterslides incorporating Special Effects inside the enclosed tube rides. It also included a  long multi-coloured combination waterslide of 1200mm enclosed tube and open reverse-banked SupaJet sections with translucent sections. We designed and constructed a new […]

Northam Aquatic Centre, Western Australia

Northam Aquatic Centre Australian Waterslides & Leisure worked on the tender to design, supply and install 4 new waterslides at the Northam Aquatic Centre, with waterslide rides descending from different levels and designed to entertain all members of the family. The waterslides were a new addition to the existing swimming centre. Our waterslide construction scope […]

Broken Hill Aquatic Centre, Broken Hill

Waterslide Design Inspired By Nature

Broken Hill Aquatic Centre Australian Waterslides & Leisure looks to the beauty of nature as a basis for our waterslide designs. Below you can see how we have utilised a scallop shell, the ripples of sand swept sand and some ocean wildlife in designing the KIPS (Kids Interactive Play Structures) of the Broken Hill Aquatic […]

Adventure Park, Victoria

RACER Slide - Runouts install

Adventure Park Victoria’s most EPIC water theme park.  6 Lane Racer Slide Completed on time Geelong, Victoria Previous image Next image

Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort, New Zealand

Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort You voted, we listened. Earlier this year we had a voting poll on our website attracting a staggering number in favour of the two curved racing hydroslides from several waterslide options. Barry Kirkland owner of Taupo DeBretts says “This new development complements our Accommodation, Holiday Park and Day Spa, and triples the thrill […]

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