Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort, New Zealand

Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort

You voted, we listened.

Earlier this year we had a voting poll on our website attracting a staggering number in favour of the two curved racing hydroslides from several waterslide options.

Barry Kirkland owner of Taupo DeBretts says “This new development complements our Accommodation, Holiday Park and Day Spa, and triples the thrill factor at Taupo DeBretts.

The addition of the state-of-the-art ride supports the existing iconic Dragon Slide and Interactive Warm Water playground, set within our natural mineral pool complex”.

Twisting Waterslides, Taupo

Construction of the Australian designed waterslides began on 16th November and has been completed in record time, ready for the holiday season.

The slide components arrived mid-December and in just one week the slides were assembled and sections lifted onto the steel framing, piece by piece. With the help of local tradesmen and sub-contractors “What an incredible feat” says Barry.

Australian Waterslides Company have been designing & building waterslides for over 35 years with a proven track record of bringing fun and excitement to aquatic centres, fun-parks and resorts across Australia, New Zealand and Asia pacific.

“We are indebted to the professionalism and commitment of Ryan Tutari project manager, our team, suppliers, tradespeople and local community and the support of our local iwi and our team. Our aim and commitment is to grow the visitor destination, said Barry”

A special Thanks to: Chula Wall and Tobi Rameka for blessing these new attractions and Taupo District Council for their awesome “can-do” attitude.

These slides are now officially open for visitors to come and experience.

Visitors to the region are welcome, we’re open 7 days from 8.30am – 9.30pm (07) 377 8559

A special Thanks to: Chula Wall and Tobi Rameka for blessing these new attractions and Taupo District Council for their awesome “can-do” attitude.

Significant new tourism activity development at Taupo DeBretts.

This nev has tripled the thrill factor

It’s been a labour of love at Taupo DeBretts as the team from Australian Waterslides LTD were onsite to make your vote come true of installing two fully enclosed racing hydro slides at Taupo DeBretts on the Napier-Taupo Highway.

“It was my dream 27 years ago when we purchased the park to inject a little bit of Disney. I’m absolutely gobsmacked with the support from our supplier and contractors and the team from Taupo District Council to have this huge project completed for the holiday season for our International and domestic visitors, as we committed to invest to grow the tourism pie in Taupo. I have a firm believer of working together so it’s a win-win for everybody in the Taupo Region” says Barry Kirkland (Owner).

Australian Waterslides