Lazy River Ride

lazy river rides

Our Rides Lazy River Water Ride This is a gentle, passive ride on tubes around a set course in the waterpark with a relaxing ride and a refresing break from the more exhilarating rides in the waterpark. This ride is able to accommodate a vast number of patrons simultaneously and works to alleviate congestion on […]

White Knuckle Rides

white knuckle water rides

Our Rides White Knuckle Water Slide Rides This slide is a very fast speed slide in 800mm tube which essentially drops very rapidly in a 360 degree loop, terminating in a runout. The very popular white knuckle ride, a Twister (Double Helix) slide that braids two 800mm tubes together. The slide starts off quite slowly […]

Standing Wave Rides – Surf-Air

surf air wave ride

Our Rides Standing Wave Rides Australian Waterslides and Leisure have been appointed the sole distributor for the Surf-Air – an inflatable continuous wave ride by Murphy’s WAVES. Murphys Waves Ltd are world leaders in all aspects of wave generation for the leisure industry, from small pneumatic wave pools, to mega surf pools. The “Surf-Air” attraction is the […]

Single, Tandem, Triple and Quad Raft Rides

open with splash guards

Our Rides Open with Splash Guards, Combination Rides or Fully Enclosed Raft rides are based on our larger 1322mm and 1500mm diameter sections in either open with splash guards or fully enclosed tube. We can create a totally dark ride known as a “Black Hole” by using black resin that blocks out light penetration. Whirpool […]

Domestic Water Slides

Domestic Water Slides

Our Rides Custom and Site Specific Water Slide Designs Smaller or larger custom designs can be generated if the 270 configuration does not suit your available area or budget. Send a dimensioned sketch plan by email and we will design a slide site-specific and to your budget. We have a number of options available for […]

Children’s Waterslides, Water Play Equipment & Play Structures

childrens play structures

Our Rides KIPS (Kids Interactive Play Structures) KIPS has been designed in Australia and comprises of 5 Zones that can be integrated or installed separately as stand-alone units dependent upon budget and available space. These zones are a compilation of Children’s waterslides and water features and designed for children up to 10 years old. KIPS Manufacturing Fabricated in […]

Runouts & Starter Tubs

Waterslide starter tubs

Runouts & Starter Tubs Slide Entry and Starter Tubs Our starter tub sections are designed to introduce the rider into the flume safely and efficiently with a minimum of water loss. We have various start tub sections to suit all of our flume designs. Runouts Runouts have improved the safety aspect of waterparks’ landing or […]

Inflatable Rafts & Mats

inflatable rafts and mats

Our Rides Inflatable Rafts & Mats Tyre rides generally are based on our large 1322mm diameter section in (Raft Rides) either open with splash guards or full tube. Sometimes as a “Black Hole” (darkened) slide. For variety we can break the slide up by incorporating whirlpool tubs in the course of the ride. This method […]

Tiny Tots Splash Pads

Our Rides Tiny Tots Splash Pads AWL designs waterparks that cater for the WHOLE family – including our Tiny Tots. These areas are especially designed to cater for children from 6 months up to 3 years and are fitted out with low impact water sprayers and interactive water features that will keep a young child […]

Mammoth 6-8 Person White Water Raft Rides

mammoth 6-8 person white water raft rides

Our Rides Mammoth River and Mammoth Plunge rides Mammoth River Ride This ride incorporates our 4 metre wide flume. The Mammoth River sections which can be used with a five man raft and equates to excitement plus for the whole family. Mammoth Plunge Ride Another raft ride available is the Mammoth Plunge Ride.Typically this ride […]

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