Wave Pools

Wave Pools

Our Rides Wave Pools Australian Waterslides can provide the latest computer controlled pneumatic wave systems as used in most major waterparks in the world. Different wave patterns are available from the standard diamond patterns to boogie waves and then up to a 2 metre high surfing waves.

Racer Slides

racer waterslides

Our Rides Racer Slides – Down Hill Racing Waterslides This ride incorporates either 4, 6 or 8 lanes. As the name implies riders race each other to the bottom of the slide on specially designed mats. An excellent spectator ride as well as being able to accommodate a large number of patrons at one time. […]

Body Rides Open & Closed

Open Waterslides

Our Rides Body Rides, open or enclosed tube or combination Waterslides are the main attractions at a waterpark and they come in all shapes and sizes. A range of flume systems developed over the past 40 years have supplied us with endless possibilities when designing a Waterpark or Leisure Centre. The following Open and Closed […]

Australian Waterslides